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Akumuliatorinis plovimo / putų pistoletas | 18V 23 BAR (YT-85930)

Akumuliatorinis plovimo / putų pistoletas | 18V 23 BAR (YT-85930)
Akumuliatorinis plovimo / putų pistoletas | 18V 23 BAR (YT-85930)
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Prekės kodas: YT-85930


Product description
18 V battery washer equipped with a turret nozzle and a foam sprayer. Thanks to the fluid suction function, it can work as a device for watering the garden, washing a muddy bicycle, etc. with water from a bucket or river. The tip has a bayonet type coupling, which is the most popular solution on the market and is compatible with accessories from other manufacturers of pressure washers.

The washer is irreplaceable in the home and garden, and in keeping clean wherever there is no water supply and mains power supply.

the water suction function allows you to supply water directly from a bucket, pond or river without connecting to a water system
water stream regulation
the adapter enables the attachment of accessories with a bayonet type tip
the long power cord is terminated with a strainer, which protects the device against contamination from entering the pump
foam sprayer included
working time: 30 min on a 4 Ah battery
4-stage battery indicator
protection against overheating of battery cells
18 V system - operation on a common battery, suitable for a series of devices

The washer is available as a body only. Available separately 18 V system batteries with the capacity of 2 Ah (YT-82842), 3 Ah (YT-82843), 4 Ah (YT-82844) and 6 Ah (YT-82845) as well as single (YT-82848) and double chargers (YT-82849).


The 18 V system is a series of YATO cordless tools that are powered by the same durable battery. You can buy the devices in a set with a battery and quick charger or solo, which is the perfect solution when you expand your tool kit.

Battery power gives you freedom and greater comfort of work. Additionally, YATO cordless tools are durable, handy and perfectly balanced. So that working with them would be a pleasure.

Power, modernity, refined solutions - all this is offered in a series of 18 V devices, created for the most demanding users and professionals.
There is no need to buy multiple batteries and chargers for other tools. Thanks to the 18 V system, you save money, space at home and the environment!
When your requirements grow, so does the 18 V collection. A wide selection of home, workshop and garden tools means you can create the set you really need.



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