Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Akumuliatorinis suktukas gręžtuvas | 30 Nm / 12V /1X2,0AH (YT-82901)

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Akumuliatorinis suktukas gręžtuvas | 30 Nm / 12V /1X2,0AH (YT-82901)

Akumuliatorinis suktukas gręžtuvas | 30 Nm / 12V /1X2,0AH (YT-82901)
Akumuliatorinis suktukas gręžtuvas | 30 Nm / 12V /1X2,0AH (YT-82901)
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Prekės kodas: YT-82901


Product description
A powerful, compact drill / driver recommended for mechanics, carpenters and installers. The small dimensions combined with a 2-speed steel transmission guarantee optimal drilling power in metal, even with drum drills for hinges, as well as screwing in the confirmings and screws.


high torque adapted to the fast pace of work in 2nd gear, the spindle also rotates at high speeds
precise drill chuck designed for drills from 0.8 to 10 mm in diameter (or larger with a swivel grip)
metal gear housing (teeth hardness: 53-56 HRC)
LED light illuminating the workplace
functional hook and light weight allow for comfortable fixing of a trouser screwdriver
2 Ah battery enables long-lasting operation without the need for recharging (on one charge the tool screwed approx. 1 kg of screws with a PH2 ending 45 mm long into pine wood)
packed in a durable case with metal snaps
Includes: 2 Ah YT-82909 battery, 1 hour charger and a set of high quality HSS bits and drill bits



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