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Apsauginiai akiniai (74502)

Apsauginiai akiniai (74502)
Apsauginiai akiniai (74502)
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Prekės kodas: 74502


Indekso numeris 74502
EAN 5906083745027
Gamintojas Vorel
Bendras svoris (kg) 0,0520
Apsauga II laipsnis
medžiaga polikarbonatas
Svoris [g] 52
Spalva bespalvis

Product description
Aerial spraying safety goggles.
- optical class 1
- have shoulder length adjustment
- frame in black
- at the end of the arms small holes, which can be attached, for example, a string, so that you can hang the glasses on the neck
- intended for the protection of the eyes against splashes of solids occurring during manual and mechanical processing of metals, wood, plastics, ceramic materials,
- with a particle strike of 43g and a speed of 5.1 m / s (S)
- meet the requirements of EN166
Application / Application
Designed to protect eyes against splashes of solids
Technical data
Index number 74502
EAN 5906083745027
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 0.0520
Master Carton MC 240
Pal 2160
Protection category II
polycarbonate material
Weight [g] 52
colorless color



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