Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Darbo lempa akumuliatorinė | 7W COB, 600LM + 120LM (YT-08519)

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Darbo lempa akumuliatorinė | 7W COB, 600LM + 120LM (YT-08519)

Darbo lempa akumuliatorinė | 7W COB, 600LM + 120LM (YT-08519)
Darbo lempa akumuliatorinė | 7W COB, 600LM + 120LM (YT-08519)
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Prekės kodas: YT-08519


Product description
Irreplaceable during work requiring illumination of the working area. It has 2 light sources - the main one located at the front and a headlamp. A 360 ° rotatable body mounted on a base with a magnet allows for any positioning of the lamp, with precisely directed light beam. The advantage of the workshop lamp is adjustable main light in the range of 60-600lm, a powerful 3.7V 2600 mAh battery and the function of a flashlight. The long, thin upper part of the lamp will help illuminate hard to reach places.

headlamp: 7 W COB LED,> 80 CRI, 60-600 lm, working time 1.5-16.5 h
torch: 3 W SMD LED,> 70 CRI, 120 lm, working time 10 h
light color: 6500 K
smooth regulation of light power in the range of 60-600 lm using a knob
degree of protection: IP54 and IK07
separate flashlight switch
Li-Ion battery with capacity 3.7 V 2600 mAh
Charging time 4.5 h with a micro USB charger
battery level indicator
housing made of ABS and TPE
diffuser made of polycarbonate resistant to damage
nylon hook and magnet in the base
dimensions: 384 x 40 x 44.5 mm
Weight: 187 g
Includes charger and micro USB cable
Technical data
Index number YT-08519
Light source COB LED 7W, SMD LED 3W
Power [W] 7 + 3
Luminous flux [lm] main 60-600, torch 120
Light color 6000-7000
Color rendering index> 80 CRI
Battery 3.7V 2600MAH LI-ION
Lighting time [h] 1.5h-16.5, flashlight 10h
Charging time [h] 4h 20min
Degree of protection [IP] IP 54
Degree of protection [IK] IK 07
ABS + TPE housing
Red colour
Dimensions [mm] 384 X 40 X 44.5
Weight [g] 187
Flashlight function YES: 3W SMD LED
hook YES
magnet YES
230V mains charger with detachable USB cable, USB cable



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