Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Daugiafunkcinė orkaitė / gruzdintuvė / fritiūrinė | 12 litrų | 1800W (67590)

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Daugiafunkcinė orkaitė / gruzdintuvė / fritiūrinė | 12 litrų | 1800W (67590)

Daugiafunkcinė orkaitė / gruzdintuvė / fritiūrinė | 12 litrų | 1800W (67590)
Daugiafunkcinė orkaitė / gruzdintuvė / fritiūrinė | 12 litrų | 1800W (67590)
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Product description
Multifunction oven (deep fryer) with a capacity of 12 liters and a high power of 1800W. Various accessories will enable, among others frying French fries, preparing chicken, skewers, dough, fish as well as drying mushrooms and fruit. The device allows you to select one of 10 automatic programs or manually select the temperature and heating time.

2in1 - oven and food dryer in one!
High power 1800W (220-240V, 50 / 60Hz) will enable quick preparation of dishes
10 automatic programs: French fries, steaks, fish, shrimps, pizza, chicken leg, roasting, rotisserie chicken, drying, heating
Oven capacity: 12 l
Rapid heating and even heat distribution
Compared to traditional fryers, fat-free, in the model 67590 it is possible to view the process of prepared dishes
Intuitive temperature and time control
Temperature range 80-200 ° C (depending on the function 30-200 ° C)
Timer 0-90 minutes (depending on the function 0-24h)
Digital LED touch panel
Easy cleaning - accessories can be washed in the dishwasher
Automatic shutdown when the fryer reaches the right temperature and resumes operation when the temperature drops
Automatic shutdown when the door is opened
Internal indicator light
End of heating sound signal
Overheating protection
Cool-touch handle
Non-slip feet
Cable length: 0.8 m
Fryer dimensions: 31 x 32 x 37.5 cm (length x width x height)
Stainless steel on top of the device and on the handle
Accessories (material):
drip and baking tray 25.5 x 23 cm (cold-rolled sheet, non-stick coating)
tray - mesh of 3 pieces 25.5 x 23.5 cm (stainless steel) - perfect for drying mushrooms and fruit
Chicken spit (stainless steel) - rotary work
set of skewers for skewers (stainless steel) - rotary work
deep frying pan + handle 23 cx 21 x 9cm (cold rolled sheet, non-stick coating)
basket 23 x ø14cm (stainless steel) - rotary work
rotisserie holder
Frying with the use of air - the contoured shape of the fryer and the air circulation of the air will make the food evenly heated and thus crispy on the outside and delicate on the inside.

Frying food without oil - use little or no oil.

DIVERSITY OF DISHES - thanks to numerous accessories and a wide range of temperature regulation, you are able to prepare a variety of dishes

A HEALTHIER CHOICE - Unlike traditional fryers, it does not require deep frying, which allows for much healthier food preparation. Eat healthy and tasty.

Tips for using a fat free fryer:
The use of a fat-free fryer for food preparation offers an advantage over the process of preparing food in a traditional oven or deep-frying.
Lowering the cholesterol content. Thanks to the use of forced air circulation, the fatty tissue of food is reduced and the cholesterol content is lowered.
Save time and energy. Due to the high efficiency of forced air method for food preparation, time and energy can be reduced.
Preserving the taste qualities. Too long and too high a temperature can easily deprive the food of its flavor. With easy control of time and temperature, this problem can be solved.
Adding a small amount of fat to your food will keep it crispy when cooked. Mixing the ingredients halfway through the preparation time will heat them evenly

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