Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Domkratas žemo profilio | 80-360 mm | 2.5 t (1720LX)

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Domkratas žemo profilio | 80-360 mm | 2.5 t (1720LX)

Domkratas žemo profilio | 80-360 mm | 2.5 t (1720LX)
Domkratas žemo profilio | 80-360 mm | 2.5 t (1720LX)
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Prekės kodas: 1720LX


Žemas profilis suteikia jums prieigą prie sportinių automobilių

* Greitai kelia
* Geros kokybės

* Pakėlimo intervalas - 80-360 mm
* Galia - 2,5 T
* Svoris - 12 kg



The new low-profile lift with a capacity of 2.5 tons, made of Blacy rolled steel with a thickness of 6mm. Sheet metal is combined with special profiles raising rigidity of the structure. The lift is equipped with steel wheels of the front axle and rear axle steering wheel, and integrated with the control valve in the lift lever.
The lift is recommended to use vehicles with lowered suspension mechanicznyh (built passenger cars tuned). A hydraulic cylinder working on the horizontal axis and the low profile design allows operation in the range of 80 to 360mm.

The lift is a device used to lift heavy objects in the vertical plane.

It has a hydraulic drive, which allows you to raise the maximum weight to
2 500 kg

An indispensable tool for every workshop !!!



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