Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Garų šluota / garinis valytuvas | 1500 W (67220V)

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Garų šluota / garinis valytuvas | 1500 W (67220V)

Garų šluota / garinis valytuvas | 1500 W (67220V)
Garų šluota / garinis valytuvas | 1500 W (67220V)
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Prekės kodas: 67220V


Product description
LUND 67220 steam mop designed for cleaning large, smooth surfaces with a hot steam jet. Thanks to the detachable handle, the mop can also be used as a handy steam cleaner, useful in cleaning windows, mirrors, ovens and fabrics, among others.



power: 1500W
220-240V, 50-60Hz
tank capacity: 550ml
2in1 - vertical mop and steam cleaner with accessories
cable length: 5m
steam temperature: 110 ° C
smooth steam flow regulation: 10-26g / min
pressure: 1 bar
ready for work: 15 seconds
coverage: 35-45m2 / 450ml
comfortable handle
rotatable mop head in two planes
2 cable hooks
Water tightness: IPX4
weight: 1.4kg
the ability to clean various types of surfaces and places: panels, joints, laminate, rugs, tiles, fittings, mirrors, fabrics, toys, windows, stoves, ovens, grills, sinks, refrigerators and many more
functions: dirt cleaning and disinfection. Removes mites, fungi and bacteria.


37.5cm tube
container with a water measuring cup 150ml - makes it easier to pour water into the tank
glass cleaner - recommended for cleaning glass surfaces (shower screens, mirrors, windows)
small microfiber overlay - recommended for cleaning and ironing fabrics
large microfibre cover - recommended for cleaning hard surfaces (floors)
carpet cleaning attachment - recommended for cleaning carpets - removing stains and bacteria.
flexible 75cm hose - facilitates work and increases the nozzle range
long nozzle - enables standard work without brushes (kitchen worktops, fittings)
brush with brass bristles - recommended for cleaning less delicate surfaces, but with a better effect (grills, stones)
grout brush - recommended for cleaning narrow lines, including grouts.
round small brush - recommended for cleaning larger and more delicate surfaces. (toys, fittings)
large round brush - recommended for cleaning smaller and more delicate surfaces (fridge, oven, tiles)
scraper - recommended for removing extremely hard stains and dryness
rounded nozzle - recommended for hard to reach places
user manual in Polish


Versatility - a large number of terminals enables the device to be used for many activities and various surfaces
Easy storage - foldable, cord holder
Comfortable work - cable holder, 5m cable, movable head, simple operation. Thanks to the mop tip, which rotates in two planes (front / back, left / right), it is easy to reach hard to reach places.
Environmentally friendly - hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals. Ideal for allergy sufferers, the elderly and families with young children
Technical data
Index number 67220
EAN 5906083047480
Mark Lund



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