Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Grandininė gervė su svertu 1,5M, 6,0 T (YT-58967)

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Grandininė gervė su svertu 1,5M, 6,0 T (YT-58967)

Grandininė gervė su svertu 1,5M, 6,0 T (YT-58967)
Grandininė gervė su svertu 1,5M, 6,0 T (YT-58967)
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Prekės kodas: YT-58967


Product description
Chain levers Yato chain hoists are designed for intensive use
In industrial conditions in manufacturing, transport, shipyards and warehouses.
They allow for heavy lifting of loads, structural components, machine placement as well as pre-tensioning of ropes and effective protection of heavy loads.
The hoists are equipped with hooks with a special design for increased safety. Lifting height is 1500 mm.
The new hoist line is distinguished by a compact, fault tolerant, fully steel, corrosion resistant construction.
Precise lever mechanism, minimizes the force required to lift loads.
The full product range includes hoists with a lifting capacity of 750 kg - 9 tons ...
Detailed data is available in the technical documentation of the equipment.
The hoists are covered by the warranty service and after the warranty expires.
Hand hoists with a lifting capacity of over 2000 kg are subject to notification and acceptance by the UDT
Destination / Application
For lifting heavy loads, tension, setting.
How to use
Before using, please read this manual.
Technical data
Index Number YT-58967
EAN 5906083012563
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 28.5000
Master Carton MC 1
Pal 28



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