Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Griovelių darymo sienoje įrankis | 125 mm | 1700W (YT-82015)

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Griovelių darymo sienoje įrankis | 125 mm | 1700W (YT-82015)

Griovelių darymo sienoje įrankis | 125 mm | 1700W (YT-82015)
Griovelių darymo sienoje įrankis | 125 mm | 1700W (YT-82015)
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Prekės kodas: YT-82015


Product description
A universal wall chaser that can be used for slitting and dust-free cutting when connected to a vacuum cleaner or as a powerful angle grinder after removing the groove cover and installing a standard angle grinder disc guard (not included in the set)

Adapted to work in walls, ceilings and floors for the installation of cables, central heating pipes, alarm and teletechnical installations and control automation of buildings

Durable and easy to use

Characteristic features of the machine:

High power of 1700W generated by a commutator motor with a copper winding
Easy blade change
Possibility of furrowing in internal corners (hinged guard at the front of the machine)
The full housing allows for effective dust extraction with a vacuum cleaner
Diamond blades (125mm x 2pcs) included in the set
Adjustable cutting width and depth (max 38mm x 38mm)
Convenient and safe switch
Fast cutting in reinforced concrete and ergonomically placed center of gravity reduce operator fatigue
High-quality workmanship and durability of details (rubber cable, reduction rings to adjust the spacing of the discs)



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