Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Gyvatukas kanalizacijai | Ø 5 mm / 1.5 m (YT-25000)

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Gyvatukas kanalizacijai | Ø 5 mm / 1.5 m (YT-25000)

Gyvatukas kanalizacijai | Ø 5 mm / 1.5 m (YT-25000)
Gyvatukas kanalizacijai | Ø 5 mm / 1.5 m (YT-25000)
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Prekės kodas: YT-25000


Product description
Intended for clearing sewage pipes. Particularly useful in the case of inorganic blockages causing complete clogging of drains.

simple operation and ease of use
effective removal of any blockages, including those impossible to remove by chemical agents or mechanical actions
sharp tooth made of durable, resistant steel ensures long-term effectiveness in grinding and crushing of resulting blockages
spiral made of galvanized spring wire
a wide range of sizes allows you to choose the right spiral for the type and diameter of the sewage system
recommended for use by amateurs, as well as professionals in plumbing services, water supply plants, technical emergency
the ergonomic handle and spiral guide handle provide a good grip
Technical data
Index number YT-25000
EAN 5906083054266
Brand Yato
Length [mm] 1500
Diameter [cm] 5 x 1.15



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