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Judesio daviklis PIR IP20 baltas (83124)

Judesio daviklis PIR IP20 baltas (83124)
Judesio daviklis PIR IP20 baltas (83124)
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Prekės kodas: 83124


Product description
Motion sensor 83124 is designed for automatic switching on and off of lighting wherever practical reasons make it difficult or impossible to use a traditional switch.

Thanks to potentiometers, we can adjust the motion sensor to suit your needs by adjusting such parameters as: light intensity (the sensor can switch on both day and night lighting, or only at low light intensity), sensitivity (setting a smaller value results in reaction only to large objects moving at sensor to prevent accidental switching on of the lighting) and operation time (by which we set the lighting activation time from 10 seconds to 6 minutes).

The sensor can detect movement in the range of 360 degrees at a distance of max. 6m. The maximum load of the sensor is 1200W for incandescent lighting (traditional bulb or halogen bulb) and 300W for fluorescent lamps. The IP20 tightness class allows the use of a sensor inside buildings.
Technical data
Index number 83124
Brand Vorel
PCS unit
Degree of protection [IP] IP 20
White color
Color box packaging



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