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Kampinis pjūklas medžiui 550mm TUV/GS (29000)

Kampinis pjūklas medžiui 550mm TUV/GS (29000)
Kampinis pjūklas medžiui 550mm TUV/GS (29000)
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Prekės kodas: 29000


Prekės numeris 29000
EAN 5906083290008
Ilgis [mm] 550

Product description
Vorel 550 mm angle saw, designed for precision cutting of slats. The miter saw allows the material to be cut at a measured angle.

- Cutting angle in horizontal plane: 22.5; thirty; 36; 45; 90 degrees
- Max cutting width: 120 mm
- Max cutting height: 110 mm
- Dimensions of the blade, length x width: 550 x 45 mm

Ability to adjust the cutting height by adjusting the height of the retaining ring.
Destination / Application
Especially useful for framing, cutting skirting boards and paneling, finishing and decorating. Distance handles allow for quick deposition and cutting of repeatable parts.
How to use
First, set the desired cutting angle. Use the lever to set the saw to the desired position.
Raise the saw and place the workpiece on a work table.
Attach the workpiece to the table by pressing. The cut allows the length of the cut to be adjusted, especially when cutting several pieces of equal length.
I'm going to catch the handle and start cutting. Only apply pressure when cutting to ensure safe and effective operation.
Contents of the package
- Table saw
- Plastic base
- Sawing for the assembly of saw blades
- Guides
- Blade
Technical data
Index Number 29000
EAN 5906083290008
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 3.5000
Master Carton MC 1
Pal 50
Length [mm] 550
Width [mm] 45
Thickness [mm] 1.0



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