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Kampinis šlifuoklis 650W 125mm (79105)

Kampinis šlifuoklis 650W 125mm (79105)
Kampinis šlifuoklis 650W 125mm (79105)


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Prekės kodas: 79105


Prekės numeris 79105
EAN 5906083791055
Gamintojas Sthor
1 vnt
Svoris (kg) 2,2000
Galia [W] 650
Skersmuo [mm] 125

Product description
STHOR's efficient and lightweight angle grinder with a tight structure that limits dust to the transmission body and motor. The adjustable protective cover makes it easy to work in any position, and the large spindle lock button makes it easy to replace the disc. Angle grinder is a power tool designed for grinding and cutting metals and mineral building materials such as bricks, natural and artificial stone, concrete, glaze, etc. with abrasive wheels and grinding wheels selected for the material accordingly. The robust 650 watt motor guarantees enough power for most work around the home.
Destination / Application
For cutting or grinding metals, stones, hard building materials such as bricks, concrete,
Contents of the package
- angle grinder
- additional handle
- key for attaching the abrasive wheel
- abrasive wheel cover
- user manual
- Warranty Card
Technical data
Index number 79105
EAN 5906083791055
Brand Sthor
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 2.2000
Master Carton MC 10
Pal 120
Power [W] 650
Diameter [mm] 125

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