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Klijų pistoletas | 11 mm / 450 w (YT-82403)

Klijų pistoletas | 11 mm / 450 w (YT-82403)
Klijų pistoletas | 11 mm / 450 w (YT-82403)
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Prekės kodas: YT-82403


Product description
A powerful glue gun with a durable and well-thought-out design:

450W power and equipment with a durable heater allows you to work with cable fastening, in flower shops and upholstery and furniture workshops, as well as when packing cartons in warehouses, stores and wholesalers

A convenient, permanent drain and a valve regulating the glue flow allow precise dosing with a high glue flow (up to 20g / min)

The power cable is detachable, which allows you to work away from the power source, e.g. when decorating cars, Christmas decorations on Christmas trees, etc. (the heater maintains the temperature for a long time despite being disconnected from the power supply, without dripping glue)

The characteristics of the device are:

Work on the most popular diameter of glue cartridges 11.2 mm glue
Convenient switch
durable heater
High melting efficiency of the glue (20 g / min)
Possibility to work with Yato glue inserts in various colors
The detachable power cord allows you to work freely away from the power outlet

Gluing cardboard boxes, Christmas decorations, glue gun for the installer, glue inserts, hot-melt glue, 11.2 mm 11 mm glitter glue, colored glue for the glue gun, wreaths and bouquets, arranging bouquets, the most beautiful bouquet designs, decorating a wedding car, for an upholsterer glue cable fastening how to fasten the cable



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