Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Krūmapjovė 25,4CM3 0,7KW/0,95KM (YT-85021)

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Krūmapjovė 25,4CM3 0,7KW/0,95KM (YT-85021)

Krūmapjovė 25,4CM3 0,7KW/0,95KM (YT-85021)
Krūmapjovė 25,4CM3 0,7KW/0,95KM (YT-85021)
  • 360° vaizdas: Krūmapjovė 25,4CM3 0,7KW/0,95KM (YT-85021)
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Prekės kodas: YT-85021


Product description
YATO halogen shears are an indispensable aid when working in the garden, in large areas, in parks or green areas. Ideal for trimming low and medium hedges and ornamental shrubs. Double sided 55 cm cutting edge and adjustable (180 ° rotation), ergonomic handle for comfortable work and precise cutting in various planes. The scissors have an advanced anti-vibration system, so you do not feel discomfort during normal use. Low weight and low noise level makes the unit easy and pleasant.
Destination / Application
Trimming of low and medium hedges and ornamental shrubs in gardens and parks.
How to use
Usage according to the instructions supplied with the device.
Contents of the package
- hedge shears
- container for blending
- set of keys
- user manual
- Warranty Card
Technical data
Index number YT-85021
EAN 5906083850219
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 7.5000
Type of internal combustion engine
Engine capacity [cm3] 25,4
Power [KM] 0.95
Blade length [cm] 55
Fuel type Gasoline blend: 40: 1 oil
Fuel tank capacity [l] 0.6
Net weight [kg] 5.8

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