Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Latakas / trapas dušui, baseinui, vonios kambariui ir kt. | WET & DRY | 800 mm (75450)

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Latakas / trapas dušui, baseinui, vonios kambariui ir kt. | WET & DRY | 800 mm (75450)

Latakas / trapas dušui, baseinui, vonios kambariui ir kt. | WET & DRY | 800 mm (75450)
Latakas / trapas dušui, baseinui, vonios kambariui ir kt. | WET & DRY | 800 mm (75450)
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Product description
The Wave line drain is a great idea for an elegant and practical arrangement of the bathroom space.
The wide selection of available sizes enables optimal adjustment of its length to the dimensions of the shower enclosure or tiles and allows planning the place of showering with more freedom than in the case of traditional shower trays.
It is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, which is characterized by resistance to corrosion, detergents and mechanical damage.
Fala shower drains are equipped with amenities that guarantee comfortable and efficient operation for many years:

- WET & DRY - a special solution in the siphon that prevents odors and worms from entering during use and after drying;

- EASYclean - it is easy to clean thanks to the hook that is included;

- GRIPstrong - body stabilizing handles, additional stiffening of the structure in the floor;

- HYDROcloth - a sealing mat is included - an essential part when performing waterproofing;

- STRAINer - an effective and durable sieve, which prevents clogging of the siphon and facilitates ongoing service of the drain;

- HQwelding - high quality precision welds that guarantee drain tightness;

- EXTRAslim - made of AISI 304 stainless steel, very low siphon, which facilitates installation;

- EASYfix - a wide range of height adjustment, which allows you to adjust the drain to the floor surface.

You can mount the Wave outflow without fear - all our outlets have a 10-year warranty!

- gutter length: 80 cm
- grid pattern - LINE
- material: AISI 304 stainless steel
- width: 70 mm (additional collar approx. 2 cm on each side)
- siphon height: 52 mm

The product complies with the EN 1253-1 standard
Load class: K3 (surfaces without traffic)
Product thermal behavior class: Class A (without installation restrictions)
Flow: above 36 l / min (shower faucet has a flow of max. 18 l / min)

Purpose / Application
- bathrooms, showers
- swimming pools, swimming pools
- laundries, boiler rooms
- balconies, terraces
Contents of the package
- drain channel with siphon
- grate
- 50/40 mm sewage reduction
- adjustable clamping feet
- insulation mat
- a hook for lifting the grate
- user manual
- Warranty Card
Technical data
Index number 75450
EAN 5906083031250
Brand wave
Length [mm] 800
Stainless steel material
Connection size 40/50 mm



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