Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Lauko kepsninė / grilis | pakabinamas | 52 cm (99524)

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Lauko kepsninė / grilis | pakabinamas | 52 cm (99524)

Lauko kepsninė / grilis | pakabinamas | 52 cm (99524)
Lauko kepsninė / grilis | pakabinamas | 52 cm (99524)
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Prekės kodas: 99524


Product description
Elegant and durable grill hanging on a tripod with a hearth is an ideal solution for people who do not have a designated fire place in the garden and who value the camping atmosphere.

 Material: steel

Finish: porcelain enamel, chrome grate

Dimensions: 70 cm x 70 cm x 152 cm

Hearth diameter: 52 cm

Grate diameter: 49 cm

Adjustable baking height: 30-67 cm

Grate thickness: 3mm

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Technical data
Index number 99524
Mark Lund
type portable
The size of the small grills
round shape
chrome grid
Grate dimensions 49 cm
Grate height adjustment YES
Wheels NO
Heating grid NO
thermometer NO
cover NO
NO ash pan
Aperture for regulating air circulation NO
NO shelves
DO NOT smoke
Black colour

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