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Matlankis | kampo matuoklis (18473)

Matlankis | kampo matuoklis (18473)
Matlankis | kampo matuoklis (18473)
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Prekės kodas: 18473


Product description
Protractor intended for measuring angle values. Made of durable ABS plastic.
It has a movable arm, 250 mm long, locked with screws. The effectiveness of the measurements increases thanks to the use of a special mobile vial, which can be mounted on the protractor's arm.
The scale is clearly marked. Based on the millimeter graduation on a moving millimeter and inch arm, and on the perimeter, an angular scale of 1 °. Black marking on a yellow background greatly improves visibility.
Purpose / use
Designed for measuring angle values. For demanding DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen.
Technical data
Index number 18473
EAN 5906083029912
Brand Vorel
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 0.2000
Master Carton MC 60
Inner Box IB 10
Pal 720
Length [mm] 250
Libels [items] 1
ABS material
Weight [g] 200



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