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Padangų borto fiksavimo įrankis (BC100)

Padangų borto fiksavimo įrankis (BC100)
Padangų borto fiksavimo įrankis (BC100)
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Prekės kodas: BC100


Essen ToolsEssen Tools
This tire drop center tool is for use with make of tire changer
With a simple and handy design, this tire changer bead clamp fits most rims
Made of excellent plastic material, it is very durable and will not scratch or damage wheels
The plunger on this tool is spring loaded so once installed will stay in place while mounting the tire, and you can adjust it with hands by little efforts
This bead depressor pushes the bead down into the center of the wheel which helps mounting and demounting tires especially done well with low profile side walls and run flats



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