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Peilių galąstuvas su 3 dvigubais diskais (26220)

Peilių galąstuvas su 3 dvigubais diskais (26220)
Peilių galąstuvas su 3 dvigubais diskais (26220)
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Prekės kodas: 26220


Product description
Sharpener with three double discs of different hardness for sharpening knives and other similar tools. The body is made of resistant plastic, it also functions as a water reservoir. Abrasive grinding wheels work "wet", increasing the sharpening efficiency. Sharpeners are made according to the purpose of the ceramic material, chromium corundum and aluminum oxide. This guarantees optimum pre-sharpening and accurate results. Correctly selected blade angles, blade guide slots and water usage ensure effective, precise sharpening.
Destination / Application
For initial and accurate sharpening of knives.
How to use
Open the disc cover, fill the container with water, close the cover, place the blade in the appropriate guide slot. Move smoothly by pushing slightly.
Technical data
Index Number 26220
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 0.1150
Master Carton MC 96
Inner Box IB 12
Pal 960



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