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Pintos lynų pakulos | 100 g (86760)

Pintos lynų pakulos | 100 g (86760)
Pintos lynų pakulos | 100 g (86760)
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Product description
Linen tow coats designed for sealing threaded joints in water, gas and steam installations. They are characterized by the highest quality on the market. They are characterized by a bright color, which proves their high quality and freshness. However, very good combing ensures that the hair of the tow is long, regular and does not contain straw. The bright and ideally combed fiber causes the thread sealing process to be much faster and the tow better soaked up with the paste and thus ensure better sealing of the joints. Available in 100g braid.
Purpose / Use
For sealing threaded connections in water, gas or steam installations
Technical data
Index number 86760
EAN 5906083867606
Brand Skidol
Gross weight (kg) 0.1160
Weight [g] 100

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