Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Pjūklas benzininis grandininis 45CM3 1,8KW/2,4KM (YT-84900)

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Pjūklas benzininis grandininis 45CM3 1,8KW/2,4KM (YT-84900)

Pjūklas benzininis grandininis 45CM3 1,8KW/2,4KM (YT-84900)
Pjūklas benzininis grandininis 45CM3 1,8KW/2,4KM (YT-84900)
  • 360° vaizdas: Pjūklas benzininis grandininis 45CM3 1,8KW/2,4KM (YT-84900)
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Prekės kodas: YT-84900


Product description
YATO sawmill will help you to cut and lumber small and medium sized trees, construction work and the preparation of firewood. Convenience and comfort are ensured by EasyStart (smooth start-up without jerking), efficient anti-vibration system and low weight. The chain tension is adjustable on the side of the device. The automatic oil pump ensures that the right amount of oil is delivered to the chain throughout the entire cutting cycle. Tool-less access to the air filter will provide easy cleaning or replacement of the filter. Comfortable handles and a quick braking system ensure excellent control at all times. The saw is equipped with an OREGON guide and chain.
Destination / Application
Cutting and picking of small and medium trees, preparing firewood, construction work.
How to use
Usage according to the instructions supplied with the device.
Contents of the package
- chainsaw
- guide
- chain
- chain and guide guard
- set of keys
- container for blending
- user manual
- Warranty Card
Technical data
Index number YT-84900
EAN 5906083849008
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 8.0000
Type of internal combustion engine
Engine capacity [cm3] 45,0
Power [KM] 2,4
Length of the guide [inch / cm] 18/44
Slit width of the guide / cell thickness 0.058 "/ 1.5 mm
Chain length, 325 "
Automatic chain lubrication
Oil tank capacity [l] 0.26
Fuel type Gasoline blend: 40: 1 oil
Fuel tank capacity [l] 0.55
Net weight [kg] 5.2

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