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Pjūklas juostinis | nuimama bazė | 1100 W (YT-82185)

Pjūklas juostinis | nuimama bazė | 1100 W (YT-82185)
Pjūklas juostinis | nuimama bazė | 1100 W (YT-82185)
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Prekės kodas: YT-82185


Product description
Compact band saw for cutting steel with the possibility of stationary or mobile work. Irreplaceable in the car workshop and for installers.

detachable metal base with quick-clamping jaws and adjustable cutting angle makes it possible to use the saw in stationary mode or as a portable tool
base with a clamp that blocks the cut material increases work safety
quickly and without sparking cuts the pipe up to a diameter of 120 mm and steel fence profiles without melting the galvanized layer
LED integrated into the machine makes it easier to work in underexposed spaces, eg when cutting exhaust systems or pipes at the ceiling
durable and easy-to-use tape-free assembly mechanism
power: 1100 W
regulation of saw blade speed in the range: 0.7-2.4 m / sec.
cutting range: 127 mm x 127 mm
saw blade size (in the set): 14 TPI, 1140 x 12.7 x 0.6 mm
rubber cable, 3 m long
Technical data
Index number YT-82185

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