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Ratų pripūtimo pistoletas su manometru (81650)

Ratų pripūtimo pistoletas su manometru (81650)
Ratų pripūtimo pistoletas su manometru (81650)
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Prekės kodas: 81650


Prekės numeris 81650
EAN 5906083816505
Slėgis [bar] 2:8-10
žarnos ilgis [cm] 40
Dydis movos [colio] 1/4 "

Product description
Spray gun is used for painting work. Compressed air is essential. The paint from the gun tank and the compressed air supplied to the gun form a mixture of lacquer and air particles at the nozzle outlet of the gun.

Getting started
Use a flat spanner to tighten the nozzle. Check the tightness and reliability of the compressed air supply connections. Blow air hose, before connecting it to the installation. Before using the gun make sure that it is properly cleaned and maintained. Make sure that the container with the coating material has been properly sealed.

Adjustable spray jet width
Changing the width and shape of the spray jet can be achieved by rotating the air nozzle. The shape of the jet can be smoothly adjusted from flat to round depending on the needs. The amount of coating material supplied to the air stream is determined by the volume control knob. The spray adjustment knob adjusts the intensity of the coating material to the air. It is advisable to set the mix stream so as to obtain as small particles of coating material as possible, to provide a better spreading of the coating material on the surface.

Working with a gun
Use a gun to maintain the distance between the gun outlet and the covered surface in the range of 10 to 15 cm. Try to keep the gun outlet perpendicular to the surface to be covered. Avoid curving movements, resulting in uneven distribution of coating material. It is recommended to apply several thin layers, rather than one thick.

Airflow adjustment Depending on the type of coating material, the compressed air quantity must be selected by adjusting the air pressure control knob. If the gun is not equipped with a pressure regulator, adjust the pressure in a pneumatic system, eg with a regulator.

Replacement of the nozzle
Be sure to replace the entire nozzle assembly. The kit includes a coating material nozzle, spigot and air nozzle.

Product description
High quality pistol with Vorel pressure gauge, required in every vulcanizing workshop.

Robust construction of the body, hose and tips ensure long-term use.

Pressure gauge with a maximum pressure of 6 bar.

Contents of the package
- pistol with pressure gauge
- user manual
- Warranty Card
Technical data
Index number 81650
EAN 5906083816505
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 0.4980
Master Carton MC 40
Inner Box IB 10
Pal 360
Pressure [bar] 2.8-10
Cable length [cm] 40
Packing sliding card
Size of the quick coupler [inch] 1/4 "

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