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Skaitmeninis daugiafunkcinis testeris | TRUE RMS (YT-73085)

Skaitmeninis daugiafunkcinis testeris | TRUE RMS (YT-73085)
Skaitmeninis daugiafunkcinis testeris | TRUE RMS (YT-73085)
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Product description
Multifunctional digital meter brand YATO YT-7308 TRUE RMS.

The digital meter is particularly useful in diagnosing and detecting defective components of electrical installations.

The device allows the measurement of current and AC voltage TRUE RMS. This means that the true effective value of the alternating waveform is measured. If a waveform with a non-sinusoidal characteristic curve is subjected to the measurement, the true effective value of the waveform will be given.

It allows measuring:

alternating voltage: U a.c. 600 mV, 6 V, 60 V, 600 V TRUE RMS
DC voltage: U d.c. 600 mV, 6 V, 60 V, 600 V
alternating current: I a.c. 600 μA, 6 mA, 60 mA, 600 mA, 6 A, 10 ATRUE RMS
direct current: I d.c. 600 μA, 6 mA, 60 mA, 600 mA, 6 A, 10 A
resistance: R 600 Ω, 6 kΩ, 60 kΩ, 600 kΩ, 6 MΩ, 60 MΩ
capacity: C 60 nF, 600 nF, 6 nF, 60 μF, 600 μF, 60 mF
frequency: f 0-60 MHz (automatic range)
temperature: T -40OC ÷ +1370 st C
diode test: IF 1 mA, UR 1.5 V
transistor test: hFE PNP, NPN
the audible signal allows easy verification of the continuity of the circuit.
The device has an automatic range that automatically adjusts the range of the measured parameter.

Additional features include measurement of the relative value and determination of the min / max of the measured value.

The YATOL YT-73085 multimeter possesses an LCD display that allows displaying the maximum result of 1999. In contrast, its unique advantage is the possibility of backlighting in blue, which makes it much easier to read the measured parameters in dark rooms. In addition, the DATA HOLD function allows you to keep the currently measured value on the display.

The meter is powered by a 9V battery (6F22). Thanks to the AUTO-POWER OFF function, the device will automatically switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity, which saves battery life and extends its life.

The device has two self-resetting fuses.

Aesthetically made rubber housing primarily protects it against mechanical damage, and at the same time increases the comfort of use. In addition, there is a pull-out support at the back that allows you to position it in a position that makes reading data easier.

On the back of the casing there is also a strip with magnets, which allows attaching it to a metal surface such as a car bonnet.

The set includes test leads and thermocouple.

The multimeter has the ability to connect it to the clamp meter YT-73090.

Technical data
Index number YT-73085
EAN 5906083042553
Brand Yato
Automatic range YES
The YT-73090 computer can be connected
Frequency measurement 0-60MHz
Measurement of hFe PNP transistor, NPN
Measurement of alternating voltage 0-600V
DC voltage measurement 0-600V
Capacity measurement 60n-60mF
Resistance measurement 0-60M OHM
Temperature measurement -40 - +1370
Alternating current 0-10A
Constant current 0-10A
Circuit continuity test YES
Diode test YES



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