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Spaustukas laminatui ir parketui kloti (YT-37317)

Spaustukas laminatui ir parketui kloti (YT-37317)
Spaustukas laminatui ir parketui kloti (YT-37317)
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Prekės kodas: YT-37317


Product description
A device with a strong ratchet mechanism, designed to effectively tighten planks or floor panels. Most often used when pulling the last board. A solid, well-thought-out design and properly selected material allow for tightening with a very high force. Thanks to the long toothed rack, the working range of the device is about 420 mm
Purpose / Use
For effective fitting, tightening of floorboards, terrace planks or floor panels with high strength.
Place the bottom hook of the duster on the edge of the last board or board. Spread the upper paw against the wall. Moving the lever, press down the boards with a feeling of repulsion, pushing them away from the wall.
Technical data
The YT-37317 index number
EAN 5906083045981
Brand Yato
Master Carton MC 6
Pal 192

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