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Staklės-giljotina grindų laminatui (YT-37301)

Staklės-giljotina grindų laminatui (YT-37301)
Staklės-giljotina grindų laminatui (YT-37301)
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Prekės kodas: YT-37301


Product description
Guillotine to cut floor and wall laminated panels. Made of thick sheet steel. The construction is extremely rigid and resistant to deformation due to the strong pressure of the long arm. This guarantees the ease and precision of cutting.
The maximum cutting width with the angle limiter installed is 210 mm. This allows you to cut most of the commercially available panels
Typical widths are 130, 150, 160 and 190 mm. After removing the stop we can make longitudinal cuts.
Structural components and technical solutions for effective and precise cutting:
* Stable 100 mm wide table, supported on legs with rubber washers and holes for permanent fixing.
* Large arm length of about 520 mm. Minimizes the force of pressure and makes cutting easy
* The guillotine arm is equipped with a high rubber stopper protecting the palm from accidental crushing.
* Blade with special safety profile, cutting panels up to 12 mm thick.
* Additional support for horizontal support when cutting long panels.
* Removable angle limiter for longitudinal cutting
* hinged table top and removable shoulder for easy transport and storage.
Destination / Application
For effective cutting of laminated floor and wall panels up to 12 mm thick.
How to use
Place the panel flat on the table and smoothly push the blade with the blade. Long support elements should be supported.
After removing from the table the angle limiter can make longitudinal notches.
Contents of the package
Guillotine, bracket / stand.
Technical data
Index Number YT-37301
EAN 5906083011788
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 6.0000
Master Carton MC 2
Pal 24
Length [mm] 710
Material galvanized sheet steel
Intended use Dust-free cutting of laminated wall and floor panels
Surface Powder coated surface
Dimensions [mm] Cutting panels up to 12 mm thick and width up to 210 mm or longitudinal slitting

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