Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Tempimo / traukimo gervė | 2 kabliai | 4 t (EG-1444)

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Tempimo / traukimo gervė | 2 kabliai | 4 t (EG-1444)

Tempimo / traukimo gervė | 2 kabliai | 4 t (EG-1444)
Tempimo / traukimo gervė | 2 kabliai | 4 t (EG-1444)
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Prekės kodas: EG-1444


• 4 ton hand puller
• 2 Hooks for Lifting, lowering, Pulling or Stretching
• Hardened and Galvanized Heavy Gauge Steel
• One piece frame construction with heavy duty frame bolts
• 2 Drop forged safety catch hooks for heavy loads
• Trouble free thumb control Release for maximum safety

The manual rope hoist is used to transport loads in the horizontal plane. It was made of steel rope and a lever driving the ratchet with ratchet mechanism. Its construction does not allow the load to be lifted, it has been optimized for dragging purposes along the horizontal plane.


Very strong construction, solid workmanship.
The winch can be mounted, for example, on a towing hook or other stable item.
Note that the maximum pull of the winch is influenced by various factors, such as whether the weight is on wheels, on skids, on water, flat on the ground, whether uphill or above, whether buried or sunk, or standing on asphalt, ground road and many other combinations.
The basic pulling force given by the manufacturer is maximal force - they refer to the horizontal position and without any other obstacle
Double ratchet mechanism

pulling 4000kg
rope length about 2.5m
rope diameter 6.0 mm
winch made of durable materials - structural steel,
cast hooks with return springs

lifting and dragging of heavy machinery
Grid tension
pulling engines from cars
car body repair and chassis
Lifting and pulling cars in difficult terrain
shifting heavy objects, debris, trees

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