Darbo įrankio aprašymas: Triukšmo mažinimo ausinės | su integruotais skaidriais akiniais (YT-74636)

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Triukšmo mažinimo ausinės | su integruotais skaidriais akiniais (YT-74636)

Triukšmo mažinimo ausinės | su integruotais skaidriais akiniais (YT-74636)
Triukšmo mažinimo ausinės | su integruotais skaidriais akiniais (YT-74636)
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Prekės kodas: YT-74636


Product description
The ear-muffs integrated with the replaceable colorless safety glasses YT-74636 protect not only the hearing but also the eyes of the user. Temples with adjustable ball joints also act as a headband, which allows you to work, for example, in a protective helmet without additional pressure on the head.

suppression efficiency: SNR 23.9 dB
soft, close-fitting, skin-friendly materials, wide sealing cushions
temple length adjustment on ball joints
glasses optical class: 1, the highest quality of the field of view, recommended for continuous work
protection against UV radiation: filter 2C-1,2 for professional use, does not change color perception
anti-scratch coating, anti-scratch
interchangeable lenses available: colorless YT-74638, gray YT-74637
Pillow dimensions:

dimension A: approx. 45 mm, bottom approx. 30 mm
dimension B: approx. 70 mm


Protective, noise-reducing earmuffs protect the operator against harmful noise by lowering the sound level measured in decibels by the value of the SNR parameter. The upper limit for an 8-hour working day is set at 85 dB. If the average noise measurements at the workplace exceed this value, then you should equip yourself with ear muffs with the SNR parameter that will allow the noise level to be reduced to 85 dB or less. Assuming that we will work all the time in earmuffs with the SNR 32 parameter and in a working environment with a noise level of 116 dB, then we will reduce the noise to 84 dB.

If the operator wears the earmuffs for longer than a dozen or so minutes, then it is worth paying more attention to the structural elements that improve the comfort of wearing them. Sufficiently wide sealing cushions made of skin-friendly materials should fit the entire auricle of the user. The soft headband cushion will relieve pressure on the top of the head. On the other hand, the force with which the earmuffs adhere to the head affects not only comfort, but also the effectiveness of damping, so for continuous operation, it is worth choosing earmuffs with not necessarily the highest available, but appropriately selected SNR parameter.

Category: Optical class: 1
Protection category: II
Lenses: UV filter
SNR suppression value [db]: 23.9
Material: ABS
Black colour



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